isten in English


Listen In English is a free website designed to improve listening fluency and accuracy.

One of the best ways to improve English ability is to be exposed to massive amounts of English at a level that is understandable (comprehensible input). This type of input is easy to find for reading (graded readers) but often difficult to find for listening. The aim of this website is to give English language learners access to massive amounts of level-appropriate listening material. The website is designed to be used in the same way learners would use graded readers to improve reading comprehension. Learners should foucs on listening to a lot of material on a daily basis at a level that is comfortable and accessible.

The activities are organized into 10 categories: Basic Audio, Basic Video, Pop Culture Audio, Pop Culture Video, News Audio, News Video, Academic Audio, Academic Video, Grammar and Listen & Draw.

All of the activities have been designed to allow listeners to attempt them almost anywhere using their computer, tablet or phone. Each activity has been designed to take a relatively short amount of time (less than 10 minutes).