#6. Halloween with Oscar

Published: 12.26.2017
Level 4   |   Time: 3:56
Accent: American
Source: The Odd Couple [S3 E03]

Oscar agrees to take Charlotte's son Evan trick or treating on Halloween.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • engaged (in) [adj] - busy doing something
  • obsessed (with) [adj] - focused too much on something
  • get off to a rocky start [exp] - have a bad beginning
  • a top [n] - a shirt
  • trick-or-treating [v] - go house to house for candy on Halloween
  • dental floss [n] - string used to clean between teeth
  • go long [exp] - run for a long pass (in football)
  • a cup [n] - protective equipment for a man's groin
  • hit an apartment [exp] - go to an apartment
  • I'm off! [exp] - I am leaving!
  • chitchat [n] - talk about unimportant things

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture picture
Oscar Felix Charlotte Teddy
  • Felix and Oscar are roommates in New York.
  • Oscar is dating Charlotte.
  • Charlotte lives in the same apartment building as Oscar and Felix.
  • Charlotte's son is Evan.
  • Teddy is Oscar's friend.
  • Andre is Teddy's son.

triangle Questions

  1. Who has to clean up his room?
    Oscar and Evan

  2. What game are they playing?
    Chocolate Tips
    Challange Apocalypse

  3. Why does Evan have to stop playing the game?
    He has to clean his room.
    He has to get ready for dinner.
    He has to do his homework.

  4. Why does Oscar have to stop playing the game?
    He has to clean his room.
    He has to get ready for dinner.
    He has to do his homework.

  5. When are they planning to have their remtach?
    after dinner
    next week

  6. What does Teddy compliment Charlotte about?
    her shirt
    her hair
    her son

  7. What does Teddy ask for?
    He wants his son to go trick-or-treating in Oscar's apartment.
    He wants Oscar to take his son trick-or-treating.
    He wants Oscar to buy a Halloween costume for his son.

  8. Why do children avoid Oscar's and Felix's apartment on Halloween?
    Felix is scary.
    Felix gives out floss instead of candy.
    Felix only gives out hamburgers.

  9. What costume is Evan wearing?
    Mickey Mouse
    a football

  10. Why can't Evan go trick-or-treating in the apartment building?
    Charlotte has to work.
    Evan wants to visit his aunt.
    The apartment building is dangerous.

  11. Where is Evan supposed to go trick-or-treat?
    in Manhattan
    in Brooklyn
    in Long Island

  12. What does Oscar suggest?
    He can take Evan trick-or-treating.
    He and Evan can wear the same costume.
    He can go to work with Charlotte.

  13. How does Charlotte feel about Oscar's suggestion?
    She loves Oscar's idea.
    She thinks Oscar is not responsible enough.
    She is worried that Evan doesn't like Oscar.

  14. What does Charlotte decide?
    She will not go to work.
    She will let Oscar take care of Evan.
    She wants to ask Felix to take care of Evan.

  15. What costume is Teddy' son (Andre) wearing?
    Mickey Mouse
    a football

  16. What is in Teddy's suitcase?
    video games
    Andre's other costume

  17. Why does Andre have two costumes?
    Because it is cold outside.
    Because he wants to go to each apartment twice.
    Because he is worried that Evan has the same costume.

  18. Why doesn't Andre want his father to come trick-or-treating with him?
    He is boring.
    He is too slow.
    He is not wearing a costume.

  19. What time does Charlotte plan to be home?

  20. Who do Oscar and Evan plan to go trick-or-treating with?

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triangle Script

Look at him. So engaged in his electronic television game.
More like obsessed. He needs to stop for five minutes and clean up his room.
Which one of us do you think they're talking about?
My room's clean. Gotta be you.
Honestly, I don't know what you two see in that game.
"That game" is Chimpocalypse, the most popular video game in America.
And hamburger sandwiches are the most popular food. Doesn't make them good.
Okay, Evan, time to do your homework.
Aw, man.
Oscar, you need to get cleaned up for dinner.
Aw, man.
Thank you. I know you and Evan got off to a rocky start, I really appreciate how hard you've worked to win him over.
The key is putting myself in the mind of a child.
Well, feel free to come back out any time.
All right, I want a re-match, buddy, tomorrow.
It's your money.
Hey, Charlotte! Cute top.
Thanks, Teddy.
Women love to hear about their shirts. Hey, you guys mind if I brought Andre over here for Halloween? He heard this building is great for trick-or-treating.
Of course. Although I'm not sure where he heard that, we hardly get any trick-or-treaters.
Well, we used to. Then Felix moved in, and instead of giving them candy, he gave out dental floss.
Are you saying that children are avoiding our apartment?
No. They're avoiding you.

Oh, cool chimpbot costume! I wish they made those in adult sizes.
Maybe they do.
No, I already checked. You are gonna clean up on candy tomorrow.
Not here I'm not.
I have to work tomorrow night, so Evan's going to my sister's in Long Island.
Or he could stay here and go trick-or-treating with me.
That's what I said! But then my mom just laughed for, like, a really long time.
I didn't laugh that long.
What's so funny about me taking care of Evan?
Nothing. It's just my sister hasn't seen him in a while, they'll have a great time. She's super responsible.
Ha! And I'm not?
Uh-oh, she's going to laugh again.
No, Oscar. It's just I like Evan a whole lot, and I'd like to keep him... Well, I'd like to keep him.
I can do this. We won't leave the building, I'll never take my eyes off of him and you can trust me. You trust me, right?
Okay. Let's give it a try.
We're gonna have a great time! And be very responsible.

Hey Oscar, go long!
Nice catch!
Thanks. Wish I was wearing a cup.
Teddy, what's with the suitcase?
Oh, it's Andre's. His second costume is in there.
I hit all the apartments in this costume, then I change for round two.
Very clever.
It's not my first Halloween.
If he was this focused on sports or education, he'd be unstoppable.
Can you imagine?
Well, I'm off. See ya, Dad.
You sure you don't want me to go with you?
No offense, but you slow me down. Too much chit-chat, not enough Kit Kat.
Now who's this cute little...
No time!
All right, I'm ready to go, Oscar.
I'll be home by 10:00. Be responsible, follow the rules.
I will.
I was talking to Oscar.
I will.
We're going to have so much fun.
Well, don't have too much fun.
We'll be with Felix.
Well, have some fun.

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