#10. Zen Felix

Published: 1.12.2018
Level 4   |   Time: 5:12
Accent: American
Source: The Odd Couple [S3 E09]

Felix runs away to a Zen retreat because of his feelings for Charlotte.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • be dramatic [exp] - overreact
  • come over (someone) [phv] - suddenly affect (someone)
  • a Zen retreat [n] - a kind of spa to relax
  • have a crush on someone [exp] - like someone romantically
  • intoxicating [adj] - exciting
  • freak out [phv] - get very angry or emotional
  • phone it in [exp] - do something with little effort (in a lazy way)
  • a vow of silence [exp] - a promise not to speak or make any sound for a long time
  • a know-it-all [n] - someone who pretends to know everything
  • mess up [phv] - ruin / destroy
  • classy [adj] - stylish and sophisticated
  • rake [v] - collect, gather, or move with a rake
  • snooty [adj] - showing disapproval to low class people or activities
  • artsy [adj] - related to art
  • a lunatic [n] - a crazy person
  • have feelings for someone [exp] - like someone romantically
  • companionship [n] - friendship or togetherness
  • caught up in [phv] - too involved in
  • self-imposed [adj] - a difficult situation that someone does to one's self
  • an exile [n] - not being able to return home

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture
Oscar Felix Charlotte
  • Oscar and Felix are roommates and friends.
  • Charlotte and Oscar are dating.
  • Felix thinks he is in love with Charlotte, so he has run away.
  • Felix recently broke up with his girlfriend Emily.

triangle Questions

  1. What evidence in the apartment suggests that Felix is not at home?
    The door is locked.
    His vacuum is cold.
    The stove is turned off.

  2. How did Oscar feel during their "night of culture"?
    wide awake

  3. Where did Felix go?
    to a Zen retreat
    to the kitchen
    to a movie

  4. What does Felix not want Oscar to do while he is at home alone?
    Go out with Charlotte.
    Use the stove.
    Use his vacuum cleaner.

  5. Who does Oscar think is responsible for Felix's problem?

  6. What things does Oscar think that Charlotte did to attract Felix?
    Kiss him.
    Buy him tickets for cultural events.
    Talk to him about ballet.
    Dress up in fancy clothes.

  7. Why did Charlotte ask Felix to go with her to cultural events?
    Because she was lonely.
    Because Oscar didn't want to go.
    Because she was in love with Felix.

  8. Why does Oscar want to go to cultural events with Charlotte now?
    Because Charlotte is so beautiful.
    Because he loves art.
    Because he misses Felix.

  9. What snack did Oscar bring to the opera?

  10. What adjectives does Oscar use to describe Felix to the woman at the yoga retreat?

  11. Where is Felix in the yoga retreat?
    the cafeteria
    the cafe
    the rock garden

  12. What is Felix doing there?
    Raking sand.
    Building tools.
    Removing footprints
    Annoying Lance.

  13. How does Lance describe Felix?

  14. What gesture does Lance make at Felix?
    He waves.
    He shows his middle finger.
    He snaps his fingers.

  15. What do Charlotte and Oscar have in common?
    They are worried about Felix.
    They like opera.
    They love sports.

  16. Why is Oscar worried about his relationship with Charlotte?
    She is better looking than him.
    They are so different.
    She works too much.

  17. Why does Charlotte like hanging out with Oscar?
    He is different from other people she knows.
    He is so handsome.
    He cares about Felix.

  18. What is Felix worried about while Charlotte and Oscar are talking to each other?
    They are talking about him.
    They will start arguing.
    They are making footprints in the sand.

  19. Why does Felix feel ashamed?
    Because he is single.
    Because he lost control.
    Because he came to the Zen retreat.

  20. Why does Charlotte think that Felix started to like her?
    Because he wanted female companionship.
    Because she is so beautiful.
    Because they had common interests.

  21. What does Charlotte think Felix should start doing again?
    Living at home.
    Raking the sand.

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triangle Script

Charlotte: Felix? Felix?

Oscar: His vacuum cleaner is here. And it's cold.

Charlotte: Where could he be?

Oscar: Oh, you know Felix, always being so dramatic. I'm just sorry he ruined our big night of culture, which I was super wide awake for.

Charlotte: It's from Felix. "Dear Oscar, I'm so sorry for my outburst. I don't know what came over me. Until further notice, I will be at the Cleansing Breath Zen Retreat in Connecticut. P.S. I let the neighbors know you'll be here alone. Don't use the stove".

Oscar: Oh, great. Now all I want to do is use the stove.

Charlotte: Poor Felix. I can't help feeling a little responsible for this.

Oscar: A little? Or completely?

Charlotte: Excuse me?

Oscar: Oh, come on! Of course he thinks he has a crush on you. You're always like, "Felix, you know so much about the ballet." "Felix, I got two tickets to that thing you like." "Felix, let's get dressed up as the Queen of England."

Charlotte: You wanted me to ask him so you wouldn't have to go!

Oscar: Well, I didn't want to go, but now I do. Who wouldn't? Look at you, with your hair and your eyes and your intoxicating perfume? I mean, should we be having sex right now?

Charlotte: Really, Oscar? Your friend is obviously freaking out and you're not going after him? You are so selfish.

Oscar: Selfish? I brought chips!

Charlotte: That you ate in the cab ride home.

Oscar: That was stress eating! And it didn't work either because I'm still stressed and I'm still hungry!

Woman: Welcome to the Cleansing Breath Zen Center and Yoga Retreat.

Oscar: Yeah, okay. I'm looking for a strange little man who

Woman: Felix?

Oscar: Yeah.

Woman: He's in the rock garden. Namaste.

Felix? Are you the new janitor here?

Felix: No, this is a Zen garden. By eliminating every imperfection and footprint in this place, it's possible to bring calm to the world. Unlike some people who seem to just be phoning it in.

Lance: Okay, that's it!

Felix: Oh, Lance, what happened to your seven-day vow of silence?

Lance: It's worth breaking to say that you are an insufferable, judgmental, know-it-all who is utterly without Zen!

Felix: Oh, I see someone didn't take a vow against middle fingers.

Oscar: Felix, are you all right? I'm really worried about you.

Felix: Well, I've been thinking about it a lot, and I guess I've decided that I...

Charlotte: Oscar?

Oscar: Charlotte!

Charlotte: What are you doing here?

Oiscar: I was worried about Felix. What are you doing here?

Charlotte: I was worried about Felix too.

Oscar: Well, at least we have one thing in common.

Felix: Hey, guys, you're really messing up my sand pattern here.

Charlotte: "One thing in common"? What does that mean?

Oscar: Well, look at you. You're all beautiful and classy and cultured, and I'm, you know, me.

Charlotte: Yeah, so?

Oscar: So? What kind of a future are we going to have if we're so different?

Felix: I literally just raked that.

Charlotte: Is that why you've been acting so weird? I don't want someone exactly like me. I love that we challenge each other.

Oscar: You do?

Felix: Does one of you guys want to rake too?

Charlotte: Yes. I spend all day with snooty people. I love that I get to come home to you. So you can stop pretending to like all my artsy stuff.

Oscar: Thank God. Do you want to handle this lunatic or should I?

Charlotte: I'll start. Felix, are you okay?

Felix: Yes. I suppose I'm just ashamed for losing control and making this so awkward for both of you.

Charlotte: I know you think you have feelings for me, but maybe you were just enjoying a little female companionship. And maybe this is a sign that you're ready to move on from Emily and start dating again.

Felix: I think you may be right.

Charlotte: I just happened to be the first woman you went out with, and you got caught up in the fantasy of it all.

Felix: Exactly, yes. This wasn't about you at all. I was just so lonely, it could have been anyone.

Charlotte: Well, not anyone.

Felix: Well, I think I'm ready to end this self-imposed exile.

Oscar: Let's go.

Felix loves Charlotte (9)