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1.10 Paul and Machines

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Published: 7.26.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 1:37
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

Bob and Cheryl try to keep Paul away from the printer.



  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)


  • a client [n] - a customer
  • when you are around [exp] - when you are near
  • a laptop [n] - a laptop computer
  • a PDA [n] - a personal digital assistant
  • a lemon [n] - a machine that never works well

[n] - noun,  [exp] - expression


Mr. Evans Cheryl Bob Paul
Mr. Evans Cheryl Bob Paul
  • Mr. Evans, Cheryl, Bob and Paul all work in a travel agency.
  • They are printing tickets for a cliet.


  1. When will the client arrive?
    after lunch
    in one minute

  2. Why do they want Paul to stay away from the printer?
    He has dirty hands.
    Machines near him stop working.
    He is very clumsy.

  3. What is the problem with Paul's laptop computer?
    It's a lemon.
    It won't turn on.
    Its battery is dead.
    The screen is broken.

  4. What is the problem with Paul's cellphone?
    It's a lemon.
    It won't turn on.
    Its battery is dead.
    The screen in broken.

  5. How many more tickets do they need to print?
    one more
    two more
    nine more
    ten more

  6. What happens when Paul touches the printer?
    He burns his hand.
    The printer stops working.
    He cuts his finger.

  7. How many tickets did they print successfully?

  8. How many tickets do they need in total?

  9. Where will they print the last ticket?
    in Mr. Lee's office
    in Mr. Evan's office
    in Cheryl's office

triangle Script

Paul: Where are the tickets?
Cheryl: They’re printing. OK?
Paul: The client is coming up in one minute.
Cheryl: The printer’s a little slow today.
Paul: Can I help?
Cheryl: Stop!
Paul: What?
Cheryl: Don’t come near this printer.
Paul: What’s the problem?
Bob: You know machines don’t work when you’re around.
Paul: That’s not true.
Cheryl: Is your laptop working?
Paul: No, it won’t turn on.
Cheryl: Is your cell phone working?
Paul: No, it’s a lemon.
Cheryl: Is your PDA working?
Paul: No, but . . .
Cheryl: Stay away!
Paul: Come on!
Cheryl: Paul. We need these tickets right away. We’re printing the last ticket. Please. Do not come near this printer.
Paul: The printer won’t stop working just because . . .
Bob: Argh!
Paul: What?!
Mr. Evans: The client is here! Where are the tickets?
Cheryl : Right here, sir.
Mr. Evans: Thank you. There are only nine. Where’s the last one?
Bob: Right here, sir.
Mr. Evans: Thank you. What?
Cheryl: The printer isn’t working.
Paul: What?!
Mr. Evans: Go across the hall to Mr. Lee’s office. Ask to print one ticket on his printer.
Mr. Evans: Not you. You’re sitting here until all the tickets are printed.

1.9 Where are the tickets?
1.11 Bob's Exercise