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1.15 Which do you prefer?

Published: 10.25.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 3:00
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

Cheryl and Marie ask Bob for advice on what to wear.



  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)


  • a blouse [n] - a woman's shirt
  • flattering [adj] - beautiful

[n] - noun,  [adj] - adjective


Marie Cheryl Bob
Marie Cheryl Bob
  • Marie, Cheryl and Bob all work in a travel agency.
  • Cheryl and Bob are engaged.


  1. Why are Cheryl and Marie trying on new clothes?
    They will go to the movies tonight.
    They will go to a birthday party tomorrow.
    They need new clothes for work.

  2. Which blouse does Bob like more?
    the brown one
    the blue one
    He has no preference.

  3. Which skirt does Bob prefer?
    the red one
    the brown one
    He has no preference.

  4. Which shoes does Bob like more?
    the beige ones
    the black ones
    He has no preference.

  5. Which sweater does Bob like more
    the purple one
    the red one
    He has no preference.

  6. Whose clothes does Bob always choose?
    Marie's clothes
    Cheryl's clothes

  7. Why do Marie and Cheryl trade dresses?
    They made a mistake.
    They want to share clothes.
    They want to trick Bob.

  8. Whose dress does Bob prefer?
    the green one
    the black one
    He has no preference.

  9. Why does Cheryl get angry at Bob?
    He doesn't care about her clothes.
    He seems to prefer Marie's clothes.
    He is rude to Marie.

triangle Script

Marie: That is so cute.
Cheryl: Thank you. I love that color. Bob, what do you think of our new clothes—for the party tomorrow?
Bob: There’s a party tomorrow?
Cheryl: It’s Mr. Evans’s birthday. Remember?
Bob: Oh, right. Am I going?
Cheryl: Yes, you are.
Bob: OK.
Cheryl: So tell us what you think of our new clothes.
Bob: All those clothes are for one party?
Cheryl: No. We have to decide what to wear. What do you think of these blouses?
Bob: They’re very flattering.
Marie: Which one do you like more?
Bob: What do you mean?
Cheryl: Which one do you prefer?
Bob: I like them both the same.
Marie: No, you don’t. You’re just saying that. You need to have an opinion. You have to choose.
Bob: No, no, no. I’m not doing that.
Cheryl: Bob, please. Help us decide what to wear.
Bob: OK.
Marie: Which skirt do you like?
Bob: The red one.
Cheryl: Great. That’s not so hard, is it? Which shoes look better?
Bob: Those.
Marie: Which sweater do you prefer?
Bob: I like the purple one.
Cheryl: Bob, you like Marie’s clothes more than mine.
Bob: No, I don’t. That’s not true!
Cheryl: Then which dress do you prefer?
Bob: That one!
Cheryl: This is Marie’s dress, too! What’s wrong with my clothes?
Bob: Nothing! Nothing! I like your clothes. I like Marie’s clothes. I like everything. I like all dresses and all sweaters and all skirts and all shoes!
Cheryl: Who asked you anyway?
Bob: You did.

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