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2.8 A Luxury Van

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Published: 5.30.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 1:54
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

Cheryl calls a car rental agency to get a van for Paul.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • rental car [n] - a car that you rent
  • van [n] - a large car that can carry many people
  • 4-wheel drive [n] - a car with power to all four wheels
  • stereo [n] - an audio system
  • convertible [n] - a car with no roof
  • insurance [n] - a service that gives pays you money if you get in an accident

[n] - noun 

triangle Background

Marie Cheryl Bob Paul
Marie Cheryl Bob Paul
  • Marie, Cheryl, Bob and Paul all work in a travel agency.
  • Paul recently had an accident with the company car (van).
  • They need a new van for their tourist customers/clients.

triangle Questions

  1. Where are the tourists (for this afternoon) from? (0:12)

  2. Where are they taking the tourists? (0:12)
    the museum
    an art gallery
    a fish market

  3. What kind of sandwich does Bob have? (0:20)

  4. When do they need the van? (0:41)
    on the 15th

  5. How long do they need the van? (0:43)
    for the afternoon
    all day
    for two weeks

  6. Where is the group from France going? (0:54)
    the mountains
    the beach

  7. What features does Paul ask for?
    4-wheel drive
    a sun roof
    a DVD player
    a stereo
    a TV
    a convertible

  8. What features is Cheryl able to get? (1:15)
    4-wheel drive
    a sun roof
    a DVD player
    a stereo
    a TV
    a convertible

  9. What color van does Cheryl ask for? (1:39)

  10. What is the last thing Cheryl asks for? (1:44)
    a good price
    a driver

triangle Language (question forms)

Directions: 1) Use the words to make a question. (Some words are not necessary.) 2) Listen and check your answers.

  • you / hungry / are / do
    (Are you hungry) do
  • this / Autorent / is / does
    (Is this Autorent) does
  • you / vans / rent / are / do
    (Do you rent vans) are
  • we / it / return / could / are / do
    on the 15th of the month?
    (Could we return it) are do
  • you / any / have / are / do
    four-wheel drive vans?
    (Do you have any) are
  • you / any / have / are / do
    luxury vans with DVD and stereo?
    (Do you have any) are
  • van / convertible / a / about / how / is / does
    (How about a convertible van?) is does
  • you / any / have / are / do
    convertible vans?
    (Do you have any) are
  • you / color / want / are / do / what
    (What color do you want) are

triangle Script

Cheryl: We’re going to need a van this afternoon. You’re taking the tourists from Chile to the museum. I’ll call the rental company.
Bob: Are you hungry? Want some of my fish sandwich? Oh, sorry. Guess not.
Cheryl: Hi. Is this AutoRent? I need a rental car.
Paul: A van.
Cheryl: Do you rent vans? That’s great. We’ll need to pick it up right away. We’ll probably need it for two weeks. Could we return it on the fifteenth of the month? Great.
Paul: Four-wheel drive. We could take the group from France to the mountains.
Cheryl: Do you have any four-wheel drive vans? (to Paul) They don’t have four-wheel drive vans.
Paul: How about a luxury van with DVD player and stereo?
Cheryl: Do you have any luxury vans with DVD and stereo? (to Paul) Stereo, yes. DVD, no.
Paul: How about a convertible van? Ask them!
Cheryl: Do you have any convertible vans? (to Paul) No. What color do you want?
Paul: Blue. No, red. No, green.
Cheryl: White will be fine. Insurance? Yes, we’d like insurance. Lots and lots of insurance, please.

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