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2.5 Can I take a message?

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Published: 5.17.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 2:38
Accent: American
Source: TTop Notch TV

Mr. Evans has some trouble taking some phone messages when the other staff members are out of the office.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • bellman [n] - a person who works at a hotel
  • king-sized bed [n] - a very large bed

[n] - noun 

triangle Background

Mr. Evans Cheryl
Mr. Evans Cheryl
  • Mr. Evans and Cheryl work in a travel agency.
  • Mr. Evans is the manager, and he is Cheryl's boss.

triangle Questions

  1. Why does Mr. Evans answer the phone?
    He is the receptionist.
    He is the only one in the office.
    He is bored.

  2. How many people does Mr. Evans talk to the phone?

  3. Who does Mrs. Beatty want to talk to?
    Mr. Evans

  4. What is Mrs. Beatty's problem?
    She doesn't like her hotel.
    She bell doesn't work at her hotel room.
    Her hotel is too expensive.

  5. What does Mr. Evans tell Mrs. Beatty?
    He can't help her because he is busy.
    He doesn't know where Cheryl is.
    Cheryl will call her back.

  6. What does Mr. Rashid ask for?
    a cheaper hotel
    a big breakfast
    an extra night at the hotel

  7. Where is Mr. Rashid going to stay?

  8. What does Ms. Novak want to know?
    if pets can stay in the hotel
    if she can meet the king
    if she can have an extra bed

  9. Which of these messages for Cheryl is correct?
    Mrs. Beatty wants a cheaper cat.
    Mr. Rashid isn't satisfied with his breakfast.
    Ms. Novak thinks the bellman needs a king-sized bed.

triangle Script

Hello, Top Notch Travel. One moment please.
Hello, Top Notch. Just a moment please.
Top Notch. Hold please.
Hello. Hi, Mrs. Beatty. Cheryl? I’m afraid Cheryl’s not here.
You’re not satisfied with your hotel?
No bellman? I’m sorry. Cheryl will call you back.
OK. Good. Bye

Hello? Yes, hello, Mr. Rashid. Cheryl’s not here.
Can I take a message?
You want a cheaper hotel in Budapest - a hotel without breakfast is OK.
Very good. I’ll give Cheryl your message.
Good. Bye.
Hello? Oh, hi, Ms. Novak. She’ll be right back.
Is there a message?
Can your cat stay with you at your hotel in Rio?
And you’d like to reserve a king-sized bed.
I’ll ask her to check and call you. Bye-bye.

Oh! You’re back. I have three messages for you.
Let's see. Mrs. Beatty wants a cheaper cat.
Mr. Rashid isn’t satisfied with his breakfast.
And Ms. Novak thinks the bellman needs a king-sized bed.
They’ll explain it all to you.