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1.11 Bob's Exercise

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Published: 8.02.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 2:19
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

Bob tries to exercise while he is at work. His coworkers don't seem very happy.



  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)


  • No problem! [exp] - Okay!
  • get in shape [exp] - get fit/healthy

[exp] - expression


Mr. Evans Marie Bob Paul
Mr. Evans Marie Bob Paul
  • Mr. Evans, Marie, Bob and Paul all work in a travel agency.
  • Mrs. Beatty is one of their customers.


  1. What does Bob say that he is doing?

  2. What is Bob thinking about?
    vacation ideas for a customer
    staying healthy

  3. What is Bob's idea for Mrs. Beatty's vacation?
    a scuba diving vacation
    a beach vacation
    a skiing vacation

  4. What does Paul ask Bob to do?
    help him exercise
    be quiet

  5. Where does Marie suggest Bob exercise?
    in the office
    at his desk
    at a gym
    in the lunch room
    at home
    in the park

  6. Why doesn't Bob exercise in a gym?
    He is too busy.
    It is too expensive.
    It is too far away.

  7. What does Marie ask Bob to do?
    help him exercise
    be quiet

  8. Why does Bob Mr. Evans he is running?
    to burn calories
    because it's fun
    beause he is cold

  9. What does Mr Evans ask Bob to do?
    work now
    exercise later
    run faster

  10. What exercise does Bob do at his desk?
    weight lifting

triangle Script

Paul: What are you doing?
Bob: I’m exercising.
Paul: Don’t you have some work to do?
Bob: I am working. I’m working and exercising.
Paul: What work are you doing?
Bob: I’m thinking.
Paul: About what?
Bob: About ideas for Mrs. Beatty’s vacation.
Paul: And what are you thinking?
Bob: Beach vacation.
Paul: I have to finish this. Can you go exercise somewhere else?
Bob: No problem.
Marie: What are you doing?
Bob: I’m getting in shape.
Marie: Why are you doing that here? Why don’t you go to a gym? Or the park? Or outside? Or home?
Bob: I don’t have time to go to the gym.
Marie: I can’t work when you do that. Can you go over there?
Bob: No problem.
Mr. Evans: Bob?
Bob: Huh?
Mr. Evans: What are you doing?
Bob: I’m . . . working.
Mr. Evans: Then why are you running?
Bob: To get in shape. Running burns a lot of calories.
Mr. Evans: Exercise

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