isten in English
2.1 Have we met before?

Published: 3.18.2017
Level 1   |   Time: 2:19
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

A client tries to figure out how she knows Marie.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • driven [v] - p.p. of drive
  • snorkel [v] - scuba dive without an oxygen tank
  • flew [v] - p.p. of fly (drive an airplane)
  • The Great Wall [n] - The Great Wall of China

[n] - noun,   [v] - verb,   [p.p.] - past participle

triangle Background

Mr. Evans Marie
Mr. Evans Marie
  • Mr. Evans and Marie work in a travel agency.
  • Ms. Novak is a new client for the travel agency.

triangle Questions

  1. Where is Ms. Novak from?

  2. What is Marie's job?
    She's a travel agent.
    She's a receptionist.
    She's an accountant.

  3. Why is Ms. Novak asking Marie questions?
    Marie is pretty.
    She wants to practice English.
    She thinks she has met Marie before.

  4. What places does Ms. Novak mention?

  5. What activites does Ms. Novak mention?
    tour guide
    bus driver
    taxi driver

  6. When did Marie come to the USA?
    one year ago
    about a month ago

  7. Where did Marie live before?

  8. How does Ms. Novak know Katarina?
    Katarina is her sister.
    Katarina is her neighbor.
    Katarina is her boss.

  9. How does Marie know Katarina?
    Katarina was her classmate.
    Katarina was her waitress.
    Katarina was her roommate.

  10. Where has Ms. Novak seen Marie before?
    in Paris
    in her sister's photos
    near the art museum

triangle Script

Mr. Evans: Marie, this is Ms. Novak. She’s from Chicago. Marie is our receptionist.
Marie: It’s nice to meet you.
Ms. Novak: It’s nice to meet you, too.
Mr. Evans: I’ll get your tickets.
Ms. Novak: You look very familiar to me, Marie. Have we met before?
Marie: I don’t think so. No.
Ms. Novak: Well, I never forget a face. I’m sure I know you from somewhere. I don’t look familiar to you?
Marie: I’m sorry. No.
Ms. Novak: I know. We met in Chicago. You were a waitress in a restaurant near the Art Institute.
Marie: I’ve never been to Chicago.
Ms. Novak: Have you ever driven a taxi in Egypt?
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Oh, you were the pilot on a small a irplane in China. You flew me over the Great Wall.
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Have you ever gone snorkeling in Australia?
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Driven a bus in Peru?
Marie: No. Ms. Novak, I’m quite sure we’ve never met before. I came here only a year ago from Paris.
Ms. Novak: Paris? My sister, Katerina, lived there for a year.
Marie: Katerina? Katerina Novak?! She lived with me!
Ms. Novak: Of course! You were in all the pictures she sent home.
Marie: What a coincidence!
Ms. Novak: You see, I never forget a face .