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The Lost City (1)
Published: 4.10.2017
Level 5   |   Time: 5:19
Accent: Canadian / American
Source: Quirks & Quarks (4.08.2017)

TOEFL: Author Douglas Preston describes the discovery of an ancient lost city in Honduras - the Lost City of the Monkey God.


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triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary.
  2. LISTEN to the audio above.
  3. ANSWER the questions (IELTS).
  4. CHECK your answers.

triangle Vocabulary

  • fascinated [adj] - interested
  • ancient tombs [n] - old graves/burial sites
  • shipwrecks [n] - remains of a crashed boat/ship
  • impenetrable [adj] - unable to enter
  • curse [n] - bad luck
  • ancestors [n] - family from previous generations
  • fall ill [exp] - become sick
  • dissuade [v] - discourage / pursuade not to do
  • penetrate [v] - enter
  • state-of-the-art [adj] - modern technology
  • jungle canopy [n] - top of the jungle
  • LIDAR [n] - similar to RADAR but using light to measure/map areas
  • sprawling [adj] - wide / large
  • metropolis [n] - big city
  • harrowing [adj] - dangerous / upsetting
  • Cortez [p] - a famous Spanish conquistador from the 1500s
  • chronicle [v] - tell a story
  • anchored [adj] - a boat stationary in a harbor
  • launch [v] - start
  • swamps [n] - marshes / wetlands
  • expedition [n] - trip / journey
  • conceive[v] - think of / imagine
  • raised a million dollars [exp] - collect a million dollars
  • take place [phv] - happen
  • skeptical [adj] - don't believe something
  • bungalow [n] - a small house on the beach
  • Christopher Lloyd [p] - a famous (crazy-looking) American actor
  • earthworks [n] - walls made of dirt and stone
  • plazas [n] - town squares / marketplaces
  • mysterious [adj] - secret / unknown

[n] - noun,  [p] - person,  [v] - verb,  [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Questions

  1. What is the conversation mainly about?
    new archaeology technologies
    ancient myths about Honduras
    the discovery of a new archeological site

  2. According to the narrator, why was the White City hard to find?
    It was very difficult to get to the city.
    The city had a curse.
    No one had ever heard of it.

  3. What is the curse of the White City?
    Anyone who enters the city will die.
    The city will be lost forever.
    The city is full of gold and silver.

  4. What was LIDAR used for?
    raising money for the expedition
    scanning the ground below the jungle canopy
    keeping the archaeologists safe

  5. Why is the author talking about the expedition to the White City?
    He thinks it is interesting.
    He will go there soon.
    He went on the first expedition to the city.

  6. Why does the author mention Cortez?
    to show how the legend of the White City started
    to explain why the city is in Honduras
    to explain the name of the city

  7. What makes the valleys difficult to explore? (Check all correct answers.)
    They are surrounded by high mountains.
    They are covered by thick jungle.
    They are near active volcanoes.
    They haven't been explored before.

  8. Why did it take Steve Elkins 20 years to start his search for the White City?
    He was waiting for technology.
    He needed to raise enough money.
    There was a war in Honduras.

  9. How many cities did they find using LIDAR?

  10. Who was most skeptical about finding something in the valley?
    the author
    Steve Elkins
    the LIDAR engineers

  11. Why does the author say this?

    Most archaeologists don't have enough training to read LIDAR images.
    There weren't any archaeologists on their expedition.
    The features of a city on the LIDAR images were obvious to everyone.

  12. What features were visible on the LIDAR? (Check all correct answers.)

  13. Why does the author state it was the discovery of a "civilization"?
    There was more than one city.
    The cities were so big.
    Cortez had mentioned the civilization in his letters.

triangle Discuss / Consider

  1. Would you consider going on an expedition to find a lost city like the one described in the listening?
  2. What is most impressive archaeological monument you have ever visited?
  3. What archaeological site would you most like to visit?

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