#18. Searching for Presents

Published: 12.24.2017
Level 4   |   Time: 4:30
Accent: American
Source: Friends [S6 E10]

Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel look for the Christmas gifts that Monica has hidden.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • Macey's [n] - a famous American department store
  • break (someone) [v] - make someone do what you want them to do
  • be on to (someone) [phv] - will discover someone's secret soon
  • store [v] - save something for future use
  • hollow [adj] - empty inside
  • wily [adj] - clever
  • minx [n] - a smart, bold, cunning young girl
  • Linus [n] - a character from the Charlie Brown comic
  • put (something) back [phv] - return (something) to its original position
  • a water purifier [n] - a filter to clean water

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture picture picture
Chandler Phoebe Rachel Monica Ross
  • Chandler and Monica are married and live together.
  • Joey lives in the apartment across the hall.
  • Chandler used to live with Joey across the hall.
  • It is Christmas Eve.

triangle Questions

  1. Chandler says that people used to use smaller Christmas lights in the past.

  2. Ross is surprised that Monica is letting other people help decorate the tree.

  3. Phoebe and Rachel want to find their Christmas gifts from Chandler.

  4. Chandler thinks looking for the gifts is a good idea.

  5. Rachel and Phoebe look for the gifts every year.

  6. Rachel and Phoebe usually look in both Monica's apartment and Joey's apartment.

  7. Chandler tries to stop Rachel and Phoebe from looking for the gifts.

  8. Rachel convinces Chandler to help them look.

  9. They find a Macey's bag under the couch.

  10. Chandler's gift is in the Macey's bag.

  11. Monica hid a message to Chandler, Rachel and Phoebe in the Macey's bag.

  12. Rachel and Phoebe have looked for presents in Chandler's closet before.

  13. Chandler is embarrassed about something in his closet.

  14. The bench by the window is hollow.

  15. The Christmas gifts are in the bench.

  16. The biggest gift is for Chandler.

  17. Chandler tries to convince Rachel and Phoebe to put the gifts back.

  18. Chandler promises to buy them better gifts if the they put Monica's gifts back.

  19. They put the gifts back in the bench before Monica comes home.

  20. Chandler wants to see the look on Monica's face when he gives her her present.

  21. Monica bought a water purifier for Chandler.

  22. Chandler seems happy about his gift.

triangle Script

Chandler: Let me ask you, why is everybody using these tiny lights nowadays? I remember when people used to use big lights.
Rachel: That’s a good story, Grandpa.
Ross: Hey
All: Hey
Ross: Wow, Monica’s letting other people help decorate her tree! Did someone get her drunk again or?
Monica: Having a perfectly decorated tree is not what Christmas is about. It’s about being with the people that you love.
Phoebe: That is nice and we’re done. TADA!
Chandler: I dunno what it is, it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas to me.
Monica: Oh, here.
Chandler: See now it feels like Christmas!

Rachel: Okay, you look in the kitchen, I will look in the back closet.
Chandler: I can save you time ladies, I’m right here.
Phoebe: Yeah, Chandler why don’t you take a walk? This doesn’t concern you.
Rachel: We are looking for our Christmas presents from Monica.
Chandler: What? That’s terrible!
Phoebe: No-no, we do it every year!
Chandler: Oh well, that makes it not terrible.
Phoebe: No, yeah, we never find them! She’s always best at us that wily minx.
Rachel: Don’t worry, we’re just gonna search here for an hour, them we’re gonna go over to Joey’s and search, OK?
Chandler: No not okay, you can’t look for Monica’s presents!
Phoebe: But we have to!
Chandler: No, you don’t have to, and you can’t because I live here too.
Phoebe: Well then, you should look with us.
Chandler: Why?
Rachel: Chandler, aren’t you worried about what to get Monica for Christmas?
Chandler: No, I have a great idea for a present for her.
Phoebe: Oh, that’s it? (Mimics Chandler) A great idea!
Rachel: Chandler, that’s not enough. I mean what if she gets you a great present, two medium presents, and a bunch of little presents? And you’ve just gotten her one great present? I mean that’s just gonna make her feel bad. Why would you do that to her Chandler? Why? Why?
Chandler: If I help, we can find them faster!
Rachel: That’s right!
Phoebe: Ooh ooh, we have a live one!
Rachel: Oh, it’s a Macey’s bag!
Phoebe: Ooh, who’s it for?
Rachel: Dear losers, do you really think I’d hide presents under the couch? P.S. Chandler, I knew they’d break you.
Phoebe: Uh-oh. She may be onto us.
Rachel: We are so gonna find them this year.
Chandler: Y’know when you guys said you were gonna go across the hall and look, you don’t, you don’t do that every year do you?
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: You don’t, like go into the back of my closet, and look under my gym bag or anything?
Phoebe and Rachel: No, we never do that
Chandler: Because that’s where Joey gave me some stuff to store that I’ve never seen before in my life! Okay, that did not just happen!

Rachel: Hey, this is hollow.
Phoebe: What?
Rachel: This bench, it’s hollow! I can’t believe I never knew that! Oh, the presents!!!
Phoebe: No, don’t look directly at them!
Chandler: What?
Phoebe: Alright, no, we could look at them!
Rachel: Oh, this one’s for me!
Phoebe: Oh, this one’s for Chandler. Here.
Chandler: Oh great!
Phoebe: And the big one’s for me!
Rachel: Ooh, let’s open them!
Chandler: Okay! Okay! Okay!
Phoebe: Hee hee!
Chandler: Wait, we can’t do this.
Phoebe and Rachel: Why?
Chandler: I don’t wanna know what Monica got me. Y’know? I mean, look, I’m sure she worked really hard at getting you a present, and wanting to surprise me, and you guys are gonna ruin that, and I, look we have to put these back, this is not what Christmas is about.
Rachel: Whatever Linus, I’m opening mine.
Chandler: Nobody is opening anything ok? Look, I don’t know about you guys, but I wanna see the look on Monica’s face when I give her my present, and I’m sure she wants to see the look on my face when I get mine. So please, please, can we just, can we put them back?
Phoebe: Will you get us better gifts?
Chandler: Fine!
Monica: Hey guys! You found the presents? Chandler, you let them find the presents? Great! Do you know how long it took me to find you that water purifier?
Chandler: That’s what you got me?
Phoebe: Oh yes, I see what you mean. That look is priceless.

The Ride Along (2)
Joey works at Central Perk