#12. Boundaries (2)

Published: 6.06.2018
Level 4   |   Time: 4:13
Accent: American
Source: Modern Family

Mitchell complains about Cam's mom touching him inappropriately when she comes to visit.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • a yearbook [n] - a photo album from high school
  • smooches [n] - kisses
  • scratchers [n] - instant lottery tickets
  • a quarter [n] - a 25 cent coin
  • fish around [phv] - look inside
  • strain (a muscle) [v] - injure (a muscle)
  • a fanny [n] - a butt, bum
  • knotted up [adj] - stiff muscles
  • presenting [v] - showing your body in a sexual way
  • handsy [adj] - touching too much
  • pat [v] - touch
  • linger [v] - stay too long
  • creep (someone) out [phv] - make (someone) feel uncomfortable
  • stab [v] - injure
  • harmless [adj] - not harmful
  • work (something) out [phv] - solve (a problem)
  • a bracelet [n] - a type of jewelry worn around the wrist
  • a force field [n] - a science fiction term for a protective energy shield
  • conduct [v] - act, behave
  • scooch [v] - move

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture
Cam Mitchell
  • Cam and Mitchell are a couple.
  • Cam grew up on a farm in Missouri.
  • Barb is Cam's mother.
  • Mitchell feels uncomfortable because Barb touches him so much.

triangle Questions

  1. Who is Brenda?
    Cam's mother
    Cam's high school girlfriend
    Cam's wife

  2. What gift did Mitchell bring for Barb?
    Lottery tickets

  3. Why does Barb reach into Mitchell's pocket?
    To give Mitchell a massage.
    To take Mitchell's wallet.
    To get a coin to scratch her lottery tickets.

  4. Why does Mitchell tell Barb about his pain?
    He wants Barb to touch him.
    He wants Barb to give him some medicine.
    He wants to make Cam jealous.

  5. What drink does Cam bring to Barb?

  6. Why is Cam upset with Mitchell?
    Because Mitchell is rude to Barb.
    Because Mitchell is trying to make Barb touch him.
    Because Mitchell doesn't want to talk to Barb.

  7. Why does Cam think that Mitchell doesn't like to be touched?
    Mitchell's mother didn't touch him.
    Mitchell is crazy.
    Mitchell is gay.

  8. Why does Cam show a doll to Mitchell?
    Because Mitchell is sad.
    To make Mitchell feel embarrassed.
    So that Mitchell can demonstrate where Barb touched him.

  9. Why does Barb mention she might be touching Mitchell a lot?
    Maybe because they are family.
    Maybe because she is in love with Mitchell.
    Maybe because it is fun.
    Maybe because she is lonely.

  10. What does Barb ask Mitchell to do while they are in the bathroom?
    To touch Barb as well
    To be more polite to her
    To tell her when he feels uncomfortable

  11. Why does Barb reach into the bathtub?
    To touch Mitchell
    To clean her hands
    To get her bracelet

  12. What does Cam tell Barb in the bathroom?
    Mitchell feels uncomfortable
    Mitchell is overreacting
    Mitchell is sorry

  13. What do they do before Barb and Cam leave the bathroom?
    Hug each other
    Take a picture together
    Take a bath together

triangle Language Review

Directions: Choose the expression that best completes the sentence

  • Cam feels loved when his mother gives him a (smooch) .
  • Barb wants Mitchell to (scooch) over to one side of the couch so that she can sit next to him.
  • Mitchell (strained) his back, so he wants a massage.
  • Barb (fishes around) in Mitchell's pocket to get a coin.
  • Being touched so much by Barb (creeps Mitchell out) .
  • Barb comes to the bathroom so that she and Mitchell can (work out) their problem.

triangle Script

My old yearbooks!
I saved 'em all.
Ohh! Oh, look.
"You're the cutest boy in school. We're gonna have an awesome summer. Smooches, Brenda." Oh, Brenda, you're about to have the most confusing summer of your life.
Hey, guys!
Oh, there's Mitchell. My little corn silk! Ahh Ohh!
Oh, Barb, oh, you are such a good hugger. Well, gosh.
Isn't she the best hugger?
Oh, thank you. Oh, and look what I got you, Barb.
Scratchers! Thank you.
Mmm! Nice! A lot of 'em.
Oh, that's your tea. I'm gonna get your tea.
Thanks, honey. Well, I need a quarter. Oh. Let me have that quarter.
Oh. Wow, yeah. Feel free to fish around in there. Cam? Cam! I'd like a cup too, please.
Just a second. Oh, Barb, you know what? I strained myself so bad today. Oh.
Well, what's hurtin' on you? It's this area between my lower back and upper thigh.
Sounds like your fanny.
It's my fanny. It's really knotted up.
Well, you need someone to work on that.
Oh, I would love that. It's really seized up. Just put your fingers all over my my fanny. Your magic fingers.
Mama, your tea. Mitchell.
Thanks, sweetie.
See you in the room for a minute?
Thank you.
It's very hot. Don't burn your tongue.

Okay, I am not gonna cry, but I wanna know why, Mitchell why you are presenting to my mother like a baboon.
I wanted you to see her fondling me.
So you do want me to cry. No, no, Cam. She's always touching me inappropriately, and you never seem to notice.
Show me, Mitchell. Show me on Lily's doll where my mother is touching you.
Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but she's handsy and it makes me uncomfortable.
Oh, my God. I know what this is. You're just not used to having a mother that shows affection.
Do not make this about my mother.
I didn't. But it is normal for a mother to be physical and it is not strange for an occasional hug or a little pat on the fanny.
Okay, these aren't pats, Cam. No. She squeezes and lingers!
Show me where she squeezes and lingers.
Cam, put the doll down. I don't know if this is just sexual or Crazytown, but your mother cannot keep her hands off of me, and it's creeping me out.
No. Barb. I'm sorry.
Let me show you where you stabbed my mama.

Michell, it's Barb.
Oh Barb, I am so sorry.
Look, I've been thinking about what I heard and maybe I do touch you too much. And I could say it's 'cause we're family but, you know, I don't know. I guess I have been having some fun with you, and I thought that it was harmless, but I would never want to make you uncomfortable.
Barb, it's my fault too.
So we're okay?
Yes! Yes, of course.
Thank God. Because I couldn't live with myself if things stayed weird between us.
Uh, Cam! Cam!
What is it?
Well, we got it all worked out, sweetie!
Oh, great! Let me get my camera.
Okay, that's not necessary, No!
From now on, if I go too far please, you just tell me about it. Okay. What is th Oh! I've lost my bracelet.
And there it is. Okay. I'll get it.
Oh, no. I saw where it fell, honey.
Force field! Force field!
What's going on?
I lost my bracelet in here.
Mama! Listen, I think this might be one of those situations where Mitchell feels like you're crossing a boundary.
This too?
Well. I've gotta have a good, long think about how I conduct myself. I'm truly sorry, Mitchell.
It's okay. It's okay.
Well, let's take one quick picture
And we'll get out of his way.
Absolutely. Scooch together there.

Boundaries (1)
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